Quick Fact – Matrimonial Diss

1947 Hollywood actress Mildred Jenkins testified in court about her wedding night in Nevada. After marrying A.Q. Bonner, Jr., a Northern California rancher, the two had breakfast and went to a casino. “A.Q. lost all his money then insisted I give him mine because, he said, it belonged to both of us now,” she said. “When I repeatedly refused, he said I took the marriage too seriously and that he thought it was just a good gag” (Los Angeles Times, July 26, 1947). The judge granted Jenkins an annulment.

Quick Fact – Detrimental Game of Chance

1956 The gambling licensees of the Dunes and Silver Slipper casinos applied to restart bingo on the premises, but the Nevada Gaming Commission denied their request, stating that the return of the game to the Las Vegas Strip would be detrimental to the area. This was because in prior years when bingo had been permitted, the competition had gotten out of hand and the ample prize money had drawn so many people, it had created traffic problems.

Die Casinomeister Awards

Bryan Bailey und die Leute bei Casinomeister (einschließlich dem treuen Roboter Vortan) machen alle einen hervorragenden Job. Das Forum, die Beratung, die PAB-Abteilung – durch ihre Arbeit werden Casinos und Spielbanken online bedeutend besser und sicherer. Die Auszeichnungen für das Jahr 2009 sind jetzt vergeben, aber was bedeuten diese tatsächlich? Wer sind die eigentlichen Gewinner […]

How to Manage Money in Casino Gambling

Money management is never really easy in everyday life, much less in a casino. However, given all of the ways that you can bet yourself into trouble in a online casino , it is really wise if you think about money and a way to manage it before you go on a casino vacation.

Most people who decide to stick with a money management plan or system before leaving for their casino destination or online casinos opt to take a certain amount of money and once that casino budget, commonly referred to as a bankroll , is gone then the party is over and the gambling is finished.
Successful casino gamblers understand the math and odds behind the games, but discipline with money is also critical. Managing your money at a casino requires self-control. Use these tips to keep yourself in the safe zone:
Never borrow money while gambling. Chances are good that you’ll lose it, making a bad situation even worse.
Only bet what you can afford to lose. Gambling with money you’re scared to lose is neither enjoyable nor wise.
Set and stick to a budget. Write it on your forehead if you have to, but no matter what, when you hit that number, leave the casino.
Avoid ATM machines or lines of credit. Using credit is a really easy way to get financially overextended while gambling.
Limit your playing time. Taking a break keeps your mind sharp.
Hotel rooms have beds — use them. When you only gamble a few times a year, it’s tempting to play marathon sessions. But your body and your bankroll aren’t built to handle the casino’s pulsating 24/7 schedule, so make sure you sleep and rest.
Don’t drink and gamble. If the casino serves drinks for free, you should be very suspicious.
Remember the law of gravity — what goes up must come down. Casino profits soar when players get greedy. Quitting with a small win is far better than losing your shirt.
Don’t play any game you don’t understand. One of the fastest ways to burn through your cash is to jump into a game where the rules or strategies confuse you.
Never lie about your wins or losses. If you find yourself deluding a person or several people in your life about your gambling, take pause and reevaluate your gambling.

This is a smart way to gamble but it doesn’t really help you to plan for the flip side of losing. And the flip side of losing is winning. If you know you are going to gamble on a vacation then you need to implement a money management system that enables you to gamble freely so that you will enjoy your time in the casino or internet casino but you also need a workable plan for managing your bankroll.

If you look at strategy to help you maintain your winnings then you are sure to leave the casino with some of your profit! One of the best money management systems to use today is really quite simple. You set a win target and bankroll protection limit (loss limit) before you go bingo into the casino. What the limits are would be entirely up to you of course, but you need to know what you will be happy with and then stick to win or lose.

Many people will go for double or nothing. And if that’s how you gamble, then so be it. Some people will always lose their entire bankroll and that will never change. However, some people will be happy with doubling and will pretty much walk away for the day or maybe even the trip. Always make enough practice with free casinos games before going to real casino gambling.

Alsart Group Launches New Online Casino

The launch of the YA888YA online casino is the latest step in the Alsart Group`s strategy of expanding the range of gambling services it offers in Russia and the CIS.YA888YA offers its visitors a rich games portfolio consisting of over 120 games includ…