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Casino SEO Magic

Today I’m not going to tell you anything you didn’t already know. It’s common knowledge that to get rich you better be working your Search Engine Optimization like crazy, and using your focused traffic to generate beautiful revenue

Don’t Buy Them Media

One of the most worrying phenomena in the affiliate business is the affiliate sucker – the poor schmuck who purchases media for casinos out of his own pocket in hopes to see this money tripled some day. What makes him such an idiot? The plain fact that the casino is loaded while the average affiliate partner isn’t…

Look Under the Lamppost…

It seems that every couple of weeks a different gaming company offers me a new and innovative gambling product that’s going to revolutionize online betting forever. I always have the same dilemma – should I allow myself to get carried away by the excitement of the marketing managers of this new development or should I stick with what I know?

Being an Affiliate

For several years now I am managing and marketing a number of gambling sites and have been an affiliate partner of the many prominent gaming websites. Throughout this period, despite of my capabilities, as online casinos became larger, their employees were making smaller salaries, and the affiliate partners’ share stayed pretty much the same.